The Bluelight LED System is a LED curing CIPP lining system for laterals and small wastewater pipes. The technology has been developed and used in Denmark through the last decade. Please find an overview of our Bluelight LED System components below.​

​The central unit to cover all current and data-supply is the It usually is installed into a truck or trailer, but also portable if needed. It includes a LAN connector for data transfer and a LTE antenna for mobile internet connection and remote access in case of service demand. It has to be connected to a power-supply socket.


The is connected with a cable-drum providing 75 meters (246 ft.) cable-length. The cable connects curing-unit and control panel and transports electricity and data-transfer.

Control panel

The portable control panel monitors and controls all relevant parameters and has an optical as well as an acoustical warning signal. Its software is trilingual. Its software is trilingual (Danish, English and German).

Curing unit 20mm with big LED-cylinder-head

The curing unit with big LED-cylinder-head is built in trolley-style. It can easily be moved by one worker using wheels and handles. A LED-light-head is mounted at the end of the supply-cable. During transport the LED-head can be safely stored in a "garage". For installation the sluice will be taken of the garage and will be connected to a pressure hose or bend that's connected to the F-liner. The curing unit has a connector for compressed air, to cool down lamps and to hold the F-liner's inner pressure during cure. A control unit is attached above the trolley, where all inputs are done via touch-screen. The curing unit with big LED-cylinder-head especially is driven with higher curing speed, but it performs less bends and turns compared to the ball head unit.


  • ​​Construction that is mobile and easy to transport
  • ​Connector for compressed air supply and vacuum extraction
  • ​Connector for the assembly of the handling-adapter and control panel
  • ​Flexible approx. 50m (164 ft.) long air and power supply of the LED-head
  • ​Big LED-cylinder-head (generation 4 model 969)
  • ​Connector for changeable pressure indicator and regulator
  • ​Motor unit V3
  • ​Sluice with cover, shaft sleeve and assembly plate


The curing unit is built in trolley-style. This helps to fix the control panel without any special effort due to leverage forces.


The tripod helps to pick up the motor unit and sluice during installation procedure.

Side entrance module

The side entrance module enables an installation against groundwater. Therefore the system can be kept at overpressure permanently from inversion to curing.


The spacers can be used for centering the LED-head during curing of different diameters.

Pressure regulator and muffler

Pressure regulator is connected to the curing unit.


There are different connectors and reductions of variable diameters for fixing the inverted liner.

Support and extension hoses

Big inversion drum

Drum to invert the F-liners.


  • ​Diameter: 850mm (33 inch)
  • ​Connection: Storz 10"
  • ​Maximum pressure: 3,5 bar
  • ​CE label
  • ​Aluminum and/or stainless steel
  • ​Installation lengths: Ø 150mm (6 inch): 40 meters (131 ft), Ø 200mm (8 inch): 35 meters (115 ft)
  • ​Weight: approx. 180kg (397 lb)​

Medium inversion drum

Drum to invert the F-liners.


  • ​Diameter: 600mm (24 inch)
  • ​Connection: Storz 8"
  • ​Maximum pressure: 3,5 bar
  • ​CE label
  • ​Aluminum and/or stainless steel
  • ​Installation lengths: Ø 100mm (4 inch): 32 meters (105 ft), Ø150mm (6 inch): 21 meters (69 ft)
  • ​Weight: approx. 90kg (198 lb)

Small inversion drum

Drum to invert the F-liners.


  • ​Diameter: 330mm (13 inch)
  • ​Connection: Storz 6"
  • ​Maximum pressure: 2,0 bar
  • ​CE label
  • ​Aluminum and/or stainless steel
  • ​Installation lengths: Ø 100mm (4 inch): 10 meters (33 ft.), Ø 150mm (6 inch): 7 meters (23 ft.)
  • ​Weight: approx. 20kg (44 lb.)

Other components

Other components are needed for a F-liner installation cured by LED, although those are not Bluelight-specific:

  • ​Automotive technology (truck, van or trailer)
  • ​Compressor including air-cooler and dryer
  • ​Temperature-regulated storage box for impregnated liners
  • ​Generator or other electric sources
  • ​Impregnation table with vacuum and calibration roll on site or an impregnation within a factory plant

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